BBC Natural History Collection One Day Deal

BBC Natura History Collection One Day Deal

If I didn’t already have two of the series I wouldn’t miss it. A collection of 4 of the best BBC documentaries ever:

Planet Earth

Blue Planet

The Life of Mammals

The Life of Birds

So for $70, you get 17 discs contacting 4 of the best documentary series ever. Planet Earth’s magic by it self comes in about 550 minutes. If you’re into documentaries and nature, there is no reason to pass this offer (except if you want Blu-Ray), and if you’re not… maybe you wanna give it a try :)

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  • MBH

    AWESOME! Gonna order it today!!!!!

    Though $70 is the price, you forgot Aramex’s back-cracking shipping fees x_x

    Thanks for the tip dude!!!

  • Bashar

    MBH: Yeah I know :(. But still, a single series is for like 18 KD if I aint mistaken in Kuwait… and hey, maybe they will censor animal love scenes!

  • MBH

    Ummm, it’s kind of disturbing that you’re focusing on animal love scenes….. :q

    I don’t have an HD TV, yet. When I get one, I’ll order the HD version of Planet Earth.

  • Bashar

    MBH: LOL… a7san mn wala shai :P

    Planet Earth I guess is worth double spending.

  • nemo

    I missed it :p

  • Bashar

    nemo: Sad :(.

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