Loving the new Google search options

If you tried to Google today (any chance you haven’t?), you would have probably noticed the new Show options link just below the searchbox,

and if expanded, will give you a whole bunch of new features, some of which were previously in the labs only.

Quite a lot of cool features. Ability to quickly flip to Videos, Forums, or Reviews results. You can also filter by time, something people always wanted to have straightforward. You get to see images of the results and some more text if you want. My favorite however is the Wonder Wheel:

Now maybe Lucasarts can see better the cry for a Monkey Island 5 game! If it’s gonna be like the last however, please don’t bother. [Sorry divergence] This feature ofcourse is not a revolution, it’s been done before in other sites. But people usually aren’t welling to go to different search engine just to get this feature, and neither does it replace regular results. Another neat feature coming from the labs is the Timeline. You get to see how your query results have changed overtime.

See, Monkey Island dates back to the 18th Century!

Now I personally like and think will be using those features. But why is this any better than the departed Google SearchMash experiment?

Google have a sense of humor even at failures :)!

I think it’s the seamless integration of the new features into the default search interface, without affecting the regular user experience, and just adding on top of it with the new features. You can use Google as you always loved to, and you can get a bit of extra without any serious change to the way results were displayed, and it all happens in a snap!

Can’t wait to try the Google Squared now.

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