Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition and…

Isn’t that the best E3 so far? Well it is for Monkey Island fans. Lucasarts have finally decided to honor the lovers of the old Monkey Island franchise, and is in an advanced stage of releasing the special edition of Secret of Monkey Island game this summer with enhanced graphics and art, original actor voices re-recorded, it looks freaking awesome.

I was glad to know also that Ron Gilber the original game designer was invited for an early look at that edition, so they’re trying to bring him back in and take his feedback. But that’s not all… Telltale games will also be soon releasing the Tales of Monkey Island, an episodic adventure of the old beloved game, and you bet, Ron Gilbert is back on working on his beloved character of all time.

Tales of Monkey Island

That is both good and bad for me. I was hoping Lucasarts will come back with full budget long length adventure game, as no matter what, episodic does not compare to full length games, but it’s just more economic I guess. Also, this means (like any other episodic thing) it will takes ages more to know THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND.

Seems Lucasarts are touching the waters again to see how adventure games work nowadays. Ohh well… Gotta put my PC back in shape for the game anyhow :)

UPDATE: I just realized Curse of Black Pearl have had it’s lasting effect on me I called Secret of Monkey Island the Curse of Monkey Island. Still LAME of me!

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  • Q80Gadgeteer

    Man this IS THE BEST E3 ever, so far. Microsoft’s press conference was great and will be a tough act to follow by Sony and Nintendo.

    They are really revolutionizing gaming .

    I never had a chance to play the monkey island franchise, this will be a perfect opportunity.

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  • Bashar

    Q80Gadgeteer: Yes indeed. Not a Microsoft fan, but if what they show is real (not like all the hyped Vista), I am definitely buying one. Gotta make more space @ home :P

    Monkey Island franchise: Yeah definitely, a perfect point to start. I guess if it succeeds MI 2 special edition would follow

  • MBH

    Monkey Island!!! w00t!

  • Bashar

    MBH: YEAH!

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  • Kroms

    Don’t forget to buy ‘em, dude. LucasArts have said they won’t make another Special Edition if this one doesn’t sell; and the new Telltale one is going to rock.

  • Bashar

    Kroms: Hey buddy :). Yeah sure. I already pre-ordered the Tales of MI even though I dont have a PC right now :P. I really want MI 2 SE

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