A look at Google Squared

This is damn smart!

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  • http://3baidsblog.wordpress.com/ 3baid

    Nice! But why does the guy talk like a robot :P

  • http://mbhtech.blogspot.com MBH

    3baid, he’s an automated Google Engineer (TM).

    I used to search for websites with such an option to compare cars’ features… this is great!

    <3 Google

    Note to any Google HR employee: I’m willing to pay to be adopted by Google!

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    3baid: It’s his first time maybe :)

    MBH: LOL @ automated part. You wanna pay your self into Google? I think you still have a tough competition :)

  • http://mbhtech.blogspot.com MBH

    You don’t get it; I wanna pay to be adopted! That is, live there without payment! :D

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