Amazon Kindle gets a price cut, now $299

Kindle 6 inch

Amazon have just dropped their Kindle 6″ reading device by $60 to $299 (Approx 86 KD). I’m really starting to consider this thing primarily to cut down on the shipping cost of Aramex, which is becoming ridiculously high, I can’t get a single small book for less than $17 (5 KD), which is the approximate price of two books. I’ve already started with technical eBooks, and while the experience is not the same, it still does the job at half the price. Also, it will be a further step into the inevitable digital paperless world.

My only take on the 6″ is the lack of native PDF support. See the comparison here.

Popularity: 2% [?]

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be careful, I have a kindle and I cannot purchase books from amazon because I dont have a visa or master card with A US BILLING ADDRESS, also when I want to buy a book a message appears saying , soory you cannot buy because of regional restrictions :( …… I am using it now in reading PDF Arabic books : ) ………. And the sceen is wonderful ( my kindle is DX)

khaled: Yeah, but some people found a way around this ;).

so tempting, I want the DX one :) But I have this terrible nagging voice in my head, do you reeeallly need it! ahhhh, I’d love to have it .. NO … I still have so many paper books piled up, but I’m thinking it’ll be easier to read magazines off kindle .. yallah lets see how long I can resist getting one!

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