With unique high-def air footage from over 50 countries, Mr. Yann Arthus-Bertrand sheds the light on our way of life. How we humans, who inherited the earth just 200,000 years ago, managed to destroy in so little time, what has been magnificently balanced for billions of years, and how we continue to make it worse, without a mere look at the future, taking it for granted

The video is made available publicly for free at the official YouTube Home Project page. The video is also made available in different languages, including Arabic. For some reason though, the English version is not available in countries like Kuwait, while the Arabic version is. Kinda weird to me. If the video is available publicly, it shouldn’t matter a lot about the language which I see it in. Anyways, try to play the one that suits and works for you. It’s long, but I promise you, you will see scenes you never thought exist. Even while seeing them you will pause to think if it’s true or just perfect 3D graphics.

(English Version)

Arabic version (Embed Disabled)

Or if you like it so much, and want as well to support it, you may wish to get the Bluray ($16.99) or DVD ($14.99) version of it.

NOTE: Apparently the Bluray and DVD version includes extra footage, as the YouTube version is around 1:33 while the Bluray and DVD are 1:58, so there is some considerable difference to keep in mind.

Official Home Site.

Popularity: 3% [?]

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that’d be awesome if it were displayed on imax. I’m watching the Arabic version right now … oo ba3deen laish the language restriction .. ’3asib we watch Arabic version, what if non-arabs residing in our part of the world want to view it

maryam: Or what if an Arabic person wants the English version? I bought the Bluray. Arabic isn’t that bad, but I didn’t like to waste it.

IMAX. My brother once saw it started talking to people with links to Scientific Center about it, alas there doesn’t seem to be an IMAX version of it when I looked.

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