Ballmer for once says something right!

In an interview by CNET, Bill Gates without much information in hand yet was not so optimistic about the newly announced and upcoming Google Chrome OS saying ”In some ways I am surprised people are acting like there’s something new. I mean, you’ve got Android running on Netbooks. It’s got a browser in it.” .

While this might be true, so was a piece of news about Google launching a new browser, yet it changed the way people look at browsers. It made browsing experience much better for many from it’s time of launch. It showed that current browsers are not giving the best experience there is. The web has outgrown current browsers, and if we want to get the most of the web, we have to give it the tools it needs.

The hilarious words however, and as always, came from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, arguing that currently half of PC use is done off the browser. Let’s repeat that last sentence one more time. “PC users spend half their time outside the browser”. Hmmm, now let’s rephrase it. “PC Users spend half their time inside the browser”. Does that sound different? I wonder if Ballmer has a chart to support his words, and I hope his chart has historical figures as well. How much was that number just 3 years back? It must’ve been quite lower, and it keeps growing with more advances and richer sites. I for one now use the web for most of my time, and online project management, tasks, and Google Docs are giving me great experiences, that I stopped or decreased my offline tools dependancy to a great extent. I think offline word editing is the only thing of the three I do offline now.

Ballmer statement makes two things quite clear for all:

1- He admits to the fact of increasing browser time usage compared to non-browser time usage.

2- Microsoft still doesn’t, or more likely doesn’t want to, admit to the large role of browsers and the internet.

Well Ballmer, just because you can’t ride the big wave, doesn’t mean it’s any less of a wave. Ohh, did I just say Wave? Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you!

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