Aramex Tracking… What Tracking?

So I wake up today and check my Aramex shipment status to find they’ve been delivered my package. Finally, I said, and went to get the packages, only to realize there was no package! I re-login to Aramex site and see it’s really not yet delivered, and as a matter of fact, it still shows to be in the US!

How did I think it was already delivered?

Aramex Mailbox Ordering

You see, there is something always fascinating about your Aramex mailbox items, and it’s in the way items are sorted. Aramex seems to sort their mailbox items using the ORDER BY MOST_CONFUSING command, cause it’s not sorted by Receive date, and neither by shipping date! So last night my expected item was last row, and this morning I just clicked it immediately without looking. Second look told me they changed the ordering after some of the other items have been shipped!

Why does it have to be so confusing? It’s so simple and logic to order it by receive and/or ship date. The call to Aramex customer care brings more pain than satisfaction half the time, not because of their tone, but their plan general answers and excuses.

Why Is The Shipment Late?

In short, the guy tells me the items are actually in Kuwait airport and held by customs. For some reason, customs are holding and checking each shipment individually.

Why Don’t You Update Your Tracking?

Typical customer care guy explains there is inside tracking and one global to public, and that he can see it in Kuwait. OK, so why isn’t it updated in my page? The guy kept insisting there is no way they can update their tracking until the shipment reaches Aramex headquarter and they scan it, and claims no company in the world can do it.

That’s ofcourse totally false. Not only do worldwide companies do it, but I’ve seen Aramex do it times and times better than what Aramex tracking is doing these days. I’ve seen a package shown in customs one afternoon, then out for delivery the next morning. My friends have seen it as well, and not only that, but updated as still being held in customs.

Listen To The Customer

The guy kept arguing on the phone that there is no way to update the tracking info, and didn’t even give in to the fact of the problem, that all my shipments which are on their way to, or already in Kuwait still show as in New York, United States to me. They don’t even show as sent out of the US!

If the Aramex guy can see it updated, why can’t I see it too? If he knows it’s in customs, why can’t I get that piece of info too?. The least a customer care person can do is take the case to report it, but no, he kept defending it’s showing in Kuwait for HIM. Well as long as it’s showing for him I should be fine.

Shipping Frequency Randomness

How often is Aramex supposed to ship items per week? And on what days? This used to be quite defined before, but now seems to be totally random and doesn’t make any sense. For example, look at the mailbox in the first picture. First, an item is received on 13th, and shipped on 14th. OK. Then an item is received on 15th, one day later, and shipped on the very same day. This earns the customer maybe one day difference, at an extra cost of up to 3 KD. Then, all items received later on the same day of 15th, or 16th keep waiting until 20th to get shipped.

They guy ofcourse once again stood for the defense, claiming this delay is because of the weekend. Whatever weekend that is which spans from Thursday to Sunday!

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  • Marzouq

    I agree 100%, their tracking is never updated and it only updates when it lands in Kuwait, never really updates! And it always gets stuck in customs!

  • Bashar

    Marzouq: Actually, for me it rarely gets stock in customs. Just my luck? Maybe, hope I dont curse it. But see the update to see how their tracking looks like.

    This is what tracking would be when we have teleporters not now.

  • Feras Hilal

    Hi Bashar,

    I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems using our tracking system. We have already deployed a new online tracking system that is easier and more intuitive to use. You can enjoy using our newly updated system as of August 2009.

    To make it easier for you to track and sort your packages online, we are continuously adding new online retailers to our tracking system, so that you can identify your packages according to the name of the merchant you purchased it from.

    In terms of shipping frequency, to ensure that our customers receive their packages as soon as possible, and to speed up the shipping process, we now ship packages from the source whenever they become available. However, you can arrange with the online retailer to group your items together, so that you have your items delivered at the same time.

    If you need any further assistance or information, feel free to contact me at Feras.Hilal [at] aramex [dot] com.


    Feras Hilal
    Marketing Team Member - Online Conversationalist
    Aramex International, General Services Office

    Tel: +962 6 5515111 ext. 1329
    Fax: +962 6 5527461

  • Bashar

    Feras Hilal: Thanks a lot for taking the time to follow up on the issue, and I look forward to try your new tracking updates.

    The real problem and frustration is when I try to explain the problem over and over to the customer care people, who are your front lines, and he keeps defending and not welling to take a single comment to the appropriate people. People told me I should blog about it, but I didn’t. Not until I tried all possible scenarios. I’m sure you’d rather get those comments over the phone from your customer rather than find them on an online blog.

    The problem is at least some of the local support guys are not trained, or are not allowed to take feedback through official channels for review and correction. Instead, claiming there is no company in the world that can do such tracking. The funny thing is, two days after my call and post, I could see the tracking updated saying my item is held in customs. So it is possible.

    Anyways, I would seriously hope there is a way we can deliver our message, and I will surely keep you in mind if I have anything more to add.

  • sweet

    hi everyone ,
    can we open a mailebox in fedex os DSL?
    or we can only do that at aramex?!

  • Bashar

    sweet: I think you mean DHL here. I haven’t heard of such Fedex service, I heard DHL has one, though not as good as Aramex. So I’d say stick to Aramex with all its shortcomings

  • http://ilosemyLaptopandclothes Agnes bediako

    Good Morning Aramex. My name is agnes Bediako and I just contact From ghana and My Husband let me to contact you. My love send me some clothes and Laptop for me and i did not receiver anything from aramex in ghana here , so i just wanted to know if something is wrong or they have it or not.

  • Sem2

    I am from saudi arabia i sent a package 5 days ago to the usa it was suposed to be deliverd today friday but since wed all i get is updating shipment status when i log in to aramex and track it what does that mean and why the delay

  • Bashar

    Sem2: You better ask Aramex them selves, but it seems they’re lagging in their update status. So it could be in US, or already on it’s way to SA

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  • Dr.Fadel

    I am looking for my AWB .3227792352 I hope that you can find a way to get is realy very very important to get it now????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

  • mary

    860007708022 - my tracking number
    I have been tracking my package and the status for 4 days is stil “Updating Shipment Status”!!! i am worried that my parcel was gone or will never be received. Why they never updated their website?

  • Capt Vinod Kumar

    tracking no-7866575334 contains docs which is urgently required.i request you to deliver tomorrow i.e on monday.
    pls favour me by positive delivery before noon.
    thanks in advance for your cooperation.

  • YoungBaron White

    Aramex is too expensive…wtf