First 24 Hours with the iPhone 3G S 32GB

iPhone 3G S Arrives

The wait is finally over, and as always, the last few hours were the most difficult. It wasn’t the purchase of the iPhone 3G S that was difficult for me, but rather clearing it out from the customs hands.

Customs Clearance Papers

That’s right. All this and more for this mere device, alongside another small package of 5 solo items. Four hours of running back and forth under the sun, and some guys at the customs really knew what it was all about. “It’s the iPhone” they shouted. And it’s a single unit only, so I’m not sure what’s that fuss all about. Well actually I might know, but I will leave the reasons aside for now, since all the pain was gone once I got home alone with my packages.

Some people have been admiring the new iPhone 3G S after they upgraded from iPhone or iPhone 3G. Now imagine if you were moving from the windows based Tytn II, with all it’s bugs, slow response, and extremely annoying touch screen, to the new iPhone. That was a moment! And from the first 24 hours, here are my quick thoughts about it, keeping in mind it’s my first iPhone/iPod touch device, so some points are quick obvious and old. I’m just listing down here what I really liked and didn’t.


1- The multi-touch screen and it’s fast and smooth response.

2- Browsing ofcourse is the best I have tried on any portable device and by a gap.

3- Camera in iPhone 3G S seems much better than my limited experience with iPhone 3G one.

4- Voice Control: With all it’s funny outcomes, this is still a pretty neat feature I am enjoying.

5- Compass and direction was fun, though not much of use for me right now.

6- YouTube streaming is quite brilliant.

7- Email client is really easy to use and fast. Now I end up waking at middle of the night to check my phone for emails rather than drag my self to the laptop. Is that an advantage or a bad habit gotten worse?


1- App Store: To get 3rd party apps to your phone, you need to create an Apple account, and then register a valid credit card, based on which you will be taken to the appropriate country store. So I can’t even use the free apps before I provide a credit card, and after I did (with Kuwaiti credit card ofcourse), it forced me to Kuwait store, which doesn’t have Google Earth, and I expect many other good apps.

I’m sure there are plenty of tricks around it, but it was annoying by it self and meaningless.

2- BUGS: For some reason, I got to some screens like activation more than once. This is OK. But when I downloaded a collection of free 3rd party apps, all of a sudden none of them was working at all. They just load for fraction of a second and then disappear. Apparently a common problem that can be overcome by deleting the app and re-installing it. For 100 apps, that’s 100 delete and re-install. Enjoy!

3- Stupid Restrictions: This was typical in a message saying “This application is over 10MB. Connect to a Wi-Fi network or use iTunes on your computer to download …”. Now this can be acceptable as an advisory message, but why the hell would they cap an app download to 10MB in size, when I’m supposed to be paying for an iPhone 3G, and a cellular network with 3G speed then? This is a pretty common issue, and all the excuses I read are lame. We are paying the operator an awful lot of money for the 3G cellular network, and 10 MB is nothing for it. Probably one reason why I might end up jailbreaking my officially unlocked phone.

4- Battery: This is the worst thing. I’ve read about heating, I’m sure it’s there. But it didn’t happen when I was downloading different apps, playing the iPod, and tinkering with the phone while it’s on 3G network. Battery however is as they said exactly. You use the best of your iPhone, and it won’t survive through the day, perhaps not even half of it. I had it this noon at about 70%. At around 4 PM, with just some downloading and music playing, little browsing, it was near 20%. The recommendation from Apple to disable 3G network speaks stupid for it self.


Overall I’m pretty happy with all that the iPhone 3G S can deliver. Bit disappointed with the battery life, but aside from that, everything else is fine. The remaining issues are solvable, perhaps through twisted methods, but solvable :).

Where I Got It From?

If you’re interested, I got my officially unlocked iPhone 3G S 32 GB from Australian seller named hi.gadgets through eBay for 300 KD ($1045) including shipping. I thought it would be smart to ask for Fedex home delivery shipping instead of sending it to my mail box, but it ended up in the hands of the customs, which seems pretty common for Fedex shipments over here. I heard Aramex shipments are less likely to be held by customs, so this will save you a whole morning, and extra payments.

So see if you can find a suitable offer, and try to use Aramex to deliver it to Kuwait.

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  • Mark

    wow your battery life sucks. The iPhone lasted me all day and by evening i still had 80% left.

  • Bashar

    Mark: really? Cause that’s like againt all what people say. Were u having 3G on and downloading? Is it the 16 to 32 GB difference? I doubt

  • Sarah


    In terms of downloading free apps you can do so w/o providing your credit card, theres a way around it and you can get access to the US store. Go to this link and it will teach you how.

    Now as for 10mb thats a restriction imposed through apple for 3G providers, they also do that for the use of any voip. But I jailbroke my device and have managed to make unlimited downloads of any size and also free calls using 3G and skype from Kuwait.

    I know alot of ppl are against jailbreaking but it really allows you to take FULL advantage of your phone.

  • Bashar

    Sarah: cool thanks for the link. Not at all, jailbreaking is setting your phone free just as it should be. I’m against piracy alright, but this ain’t so. I’ll just live few days normally and then probably do it my self.

  • Sarah

    lol true! If you plan on jailbreaking it then don’t bother paying I already purchased a jailbreaking package off ebay for a few bucks and I can email it to you if you want.

  • Marzouq

    Very interesting seeing what people are enjoying and hating about the 3GS but I still think the Blackberry is a more functional phone for my needs!

  • Bashar

    Sarah: Heh… Thanks :). I thought those packages are available in public. If I don’t find them, I’ll be sure to bother you then ;).

    Marzouq: Different people, different needs. I hesitated from early adaptation to the iPhone, but after going with HTC Tytn I realized my big costly mistake. BB is very popular, just not my type.

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  • Bashar

    Sarah: Gracias… US store worked :)

    Didn’t bother jailbreaking yet. Want to get real sense of how it’s official vs jailbroken first.

  • Sarah

    NP! If you call the USA/Canada then you can use a US skype account and get unlimitted calls to landlines for $2.95/month

  • Bashar

    Sarah: I’d love to call just to piss some people off you know :). I have Skype but didnt use it yet on iPhone.

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