My 2nd Gadget, My Kindle!

Kindle Hands On

This is the second part of my shipment I had to fight for last Sunday besides the iPhone 3G S, so you can tell it was a rather big day, and it will be some time before I get any new gadgets. The Amazon Kindle 6”, quite a fascinating eBook reading device that made me dive into the eBook thing few years before I thought I would, and I owe it in the first place to the person who gave me a first hands on experience of it, and secondly to the continuous high pricing of Aramex which made any simple book a heavy purchase. Onn many occasions, I end up paying same or higher price on shipping, than on the book it self.

Now ofcourse thanks to the customs putting their hands on my valuable package, the joy of first hands on touch and opening the package was gone at the cargo place, so this is a reenactment of the box opening.

Kindle Outside Boxing

Kindle and Cover

Kindle in the box

Here you can see a quick two steps startup guide made available on the screen. I wanted to take off the plastic piece with the instructions, but it just won’t peel off! It turns out it’s the screen content itself, but it looks so real. Thanks to the electronic-ink display technology, the Kindle doesn’t need power to hold up the ink in it’s place, allowing them to write the startup guide on the screen and ship it, adding a wow factor to the first impressions.

Once you follow the steps, Kindle starts loading and then takes you into the Kindle Guide book that comes pre-installed.

Kindle Loading

Kindle Welcome

A browse through the guide would be of help to know all the features and shortcuts.

Reading Experience:

Compared to regular books, I thought I’d be missing some joy. Once I started really reading using the Kindle, I felt the desire to convert part of my physical library into Kindle if I could. Especially for books with little or no coloring, reading on the Kindle is actually much more easier and eye friendly. Ofcourse, not all type of books might be suitable on Kindle, but great portion of them are.

Kindle books that are sold by Amazon are ofcourse always perfectly formatted for the device. But what about all the PDf files you have? Kindle 6” does not come with native PDF support, and you have to send your document to Kindle via email for conversion. If you don’t want it sent wirelessly to your device (at an extra small fee), you can always send it to, and download it to your PC, then send it over to the Kindle over USB connection. So I did few PDF conversion tests, and conversion happens pretty fast, within a minute or two of the upload. One of the books was a rather clean one, another was a landscape one full of colors and have borders on the side, the third was an Arabic PDF book. Here is how it goes.

Kindle - Textmate Power Editing

Textmate Cover

Textmate Original Page

Kindle - Textmate Power Editing

Kindle -  Textmate Cover

Kindle - Textmate Smal Conversion Issues

You can see some partly unrecognizable areas here.

Original - Lessons From Zen Habits

Leo Beginning

Kindle - Lessons From Zen Habits

Now I didn’t really expect this to pass through, but it actually did pretty well, with some minor issues.

Kindle   leo Border

Kindle - leo Intro

Kindle - leo Cover

Notice how the left border got converted into a single page by it self. This will come in from page to page, wasting another page flip. But other than that, it’s all neat and clear, and I can enjoy reading it using the Kindle. The Kindle even identifies the links in the PDF version of the book and are made clickable for jumping from one location to another.

Kindle - Arabic Book

Kindle - Arabic Scrambled Text

No eBook Reader Is Perfect! Not Yet At Least!

Pros & Neat Features:


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  • nemo

    WOW Congratulations :))))

    Great Review :)

    *I would add portability to the list of pros - taking my books with me everywhere i go is awesome!

    *Sometimes i wish that the font color is a bit darker but i’m fine with it.

    *As for students, i think they will need to wait for a smarter device with more smart features. you can’t study with a kindle.

    As for me, I’m so in love with my kindle! (the best gadget i have ever bought!). I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading on the kindle :)

    **lets see what (plastic logic/Barnes) will offer by next year :)

  • Bashar

    nemo: thanks a lot nemo and welcome back. I’ve been away fir a while. ur trick was a lot of help. I’m really loving it and same with everyone who saw it.

    And yes, ur points absolutely right

  • Mohammad

    Hii thanks for the review .. but i recall that amazon does not allow buying kindle books with kuwait credit card only us.. is it still the same ?! or they changed thier policy

  • Bashar

    Mohammad: Welcome. Nope, it’s still the same. Check this.

  • QuestionQ8

    woww u got it..! mabrook! I wanted to get it but I didn’t want to go through the shipment chaos.. :/
    I got a sony e-reader instead. Ur making me i didn’t! i haven’t used it still but inshalla as soon as i do I’ll post about it, and we can compare their usages. Cool?;p

  • Bashar

    QuestionQ8: Great. I never saw a Sony reader infront of me. Although they are bringing a new touchscreen one, so I’m not sure about the timing :).

    So are you saying you got Sony Reader from here, since you didn’t go through shipment chaos? My problem is the shipment had multiple items from Aramex, so they wanted more details on the inside. Other people got it swiftly without any hiccups.

    I’ll sure like to hear your feedback on Sony Reader. If I miss it, as I have lots to follow, do me a favor and nudge me here will you :).

  • mnhl42

    Hi everybody ,i finaly got my Kindle
    but i need help , it does not read Arabic .
    since i have arabic files and i need them on my Kindle.

    [email protected]

  • Bashar

    mnhl42: Hi. Congrats on the Kindle. For Arabic however, as far as I know and my experience has shown, it does not support Arabic. Not the 6″ at least. perhaps the Kindle DX through native PDF support? Maybe. Someone in this link mentioned Arabic books in the comments. Not sure though.