Apple Makes it’s Anti-iPhone Killer App

The start of the personal computers faced a big challenge and obstacle, which is, what would people do with that computer? Computers needed what they call a killer app. An app that you would go and buy the whole computer for. Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program was once the killer app for the IBM’s PC in the 80s. Apple on the other hand, had to ask for Microsoft help back then to bring the killer office tool to it’s Apple computers. Otherwise, people won’t be tempted to buy a beautiful computer that lacks any useful software. Nowadays, while it would take a lot more than a single killer app to get people onto a new platform usually, there is all these performance demands, compatibility, openness and such, but you would still want to keep the good apps for yourself to keep people around. Some companies fight and pay huge amounts to win exclusive rights over some apps and programs, not to mention games!

Google however is a company known in general for working in the open, trying to support whatever people demand. They have recently launched a revolutionary service called Google Voice, that would give you one number for all your calls and messages, allow call screening, call blocking, SMS send and receive, phone routing, and much more. They could’ve stroke a deal with one mobile vendor for a killer app, but instead chose to support all that’s out there. Android ofcourse, iPhone, and the BlackBerry. One of the three however grew in greed, always wanting a bite of every penny made through it’s sold device, wanting to satisfy his partner’s needs. Guess who?

Ofcourse, Apple with their iPhone. Apple for no obvious reason decided to reject the Google Voice application from it’s App Store altogether, thus leaving Google limited with the mere browser capabilities. But why would Apple do that? It’s a nice App isn’t it? It’s so great it can piss off the AT&T guys. YEP, the closest partners for the iPhone. This is most likely why Apple decided to dictator over what can come, and what can’t.

What Apple didn’t anticipate however is the strong reaction this might have. I was happy yesterday to read about TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington’s bold move to drop the iPhone, pay the AT&T $175 termination fees, move to Android, and get his Google Voice up and running once and for all. Such a move from such a figure would sure have it’s influence on many others who would walk down the same path, deciding to get what they want most. And thanks to Apple’s decision, their toughest competitors, both Android and BlackBerry have a killer app of their own. Apple made it. Apple took the trouble of giving it to them on a golden platter. I hope Apple enjoys it.

Some of you may already know I just got my iPhone recently, and might feel surprised I’m writing this. The fact is, I’ve been bouncing between Android and iPhone for quite some time before I made the decision, and I so far do not regret it. I love the iPhone. I love the software, and the hardware, and I’m really enjoying my time using it. Problem with Android phones is mostly the hardware used. I’ve suffered quite a lot from my HTC Tytn II, and it’s not an experience I’m welling to repeat. My two main software takes on the iPhone however are:

1- No BackGround Processes: Apple can claim this is to stop memory exhaustion, but truth is, Apple also wants to keep control and monitor over what happens in the device you paid for, and I really feel how beautiful it would be if I could let an app work and in the background, finish some work, and get back to it later. I have to admit though, there is a nice taste for the easy of quitting apps. Avoids wasted memory in quite an easy and fast way. So OK, I’ll live with this.

2- Dictatorship: Apple wants one entry to your iPhone, and that is through it’s App Store. They want a 30% bite of all money you make. They say this doesn’t apply to FREE apps, but the truth is, it does. It just happens that 30% of zero, is just another ZERO. That’s one thing by it self. But to disallow certain apps for no obvious reason is a completely different thing. Ofcourse this is where jailbreaking was invented, but big companies like Google won’tgo down the road and provide their app in an unofficial way.

Ofcourse this Google Voice is only available in the US right now, growing to expand beyond that in the near future hopefully, as it seems quite an amazing service you would love to pay for. We in Kuwait ofcourse however are not holding our breaths. Should Google have nothing better to do than try to enter our tiny market, our Government would make sure the red carpet is not in place for them.

I still hope this bold move being made by some out there would send a clear message to Apple, to make them reconsider their whole process. This move to Google Voice option is not made available publicly yet, but it soon will, and then people will start drifting in directions against Apple’s will. If I have such a great option as this, I might end up wanting to make the same move, and I’m sure many others would do as well. iPhone App Store is loaded with great apps, most of them are not the killer ones though. They’re just great overall to have, and one such serious killer app might make all the difference.

Apple, Your choice! Or, it’s the consumer’s choice.

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