Prepare to go wireless people

A patient have had the first pacemaker with wireless home monitoring installed in his body, allowing information to be downloaded about once a day, and sent to his doctor, as opposed to tedious regular checkups.

This sounds so creepy all by it self, but if it’s safe, think of the options! Not that I wanna have an operation my self though.

via CrunchGear.

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  • MBH

    Umm, this has been done long ago. Maybe they just made the technology a bit better.

    I heard of a dude who had such an implant many years ago and his doctor monitors the info regardless of which country the patient is in.

    Question: How do you configure the device to connect to an AP?

    Question: What if someone hacked the device’s web interface? :p

  • Bashar

    MBH: Hmm… that gives me a movie idea. A top ranked military officer implants a device in his brain for his medical conditions. The device then gets hacked, and now all his actions are affected by an outsider, pushing him to dig deep into all sorts of classified records and all the military secrets, transmitting the data to the outside. A trace shows packets are going into different areas inside Korea. Ofcourse they can put a bullet into his head and end the crisis, but they wanna be able to catch the intruder and know what he’s got.

    So they keep him as a bait, convincing him to access fake records and inaccurate information. The march of US forces into North Korea heats up the political situation and turns into a world war. The war rages on, and it’s not a matter of a single brain hack anymore.


    What they didn’t think of is a rat among them. Who is he? He must be someone close to the infected officer, so close. Could it be him? He turns out to be running things inside out, diverging attention while he gets all he needs and his life is spared to bring down the enemy.

    How is that?

    Not the best script I know. But hey, it can’t be as lame as Transformers 2 can it?

  • MBH

    How can the military fool the officer without the intruder knowing?

    If he’s controlling all moves, he might as well be seeing through his eyes as a video feed!

    The only way to stop the man is by putting a tinfoil hat on his head! But then the hacker knows he was blocked!

  • Bashar

    It’s only draft version, yet it beats transformers by miles :p

  • Rayboy

    maybe they plant viruses into his head, which inturn gets sent to the attackers pc :-)

  • Bashar

    Rayboy: Yeah, imagine him taking live video from your brain. I don’t wanna give examples of what he can see :/