Amazon Garmin nuvi 885T Goldbox One Day Offer

If you’re in the market… this might be a good offer. Ofcourse you will get a US map with it. So for Kuwait you will need to get middle-east map from Seas & Deserts just behind City Center.

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  • maryam

    I was so thankful for the Garmin in our Dubai trip.

    I wanted to update the middle east map, the latest was in March 2009, it was for 35 KD I believe.

    I don’t like the voice feature, it’s annoying.

    I’m not traveling anywhere without one, makes live easier

  • Bashar

    maryam: What? I just bought mine! It’s silly I have to pay again in less than a year! It should have like 1-2 years free upgrade.

    And problem is, middle-east maps are so shallow, you can’t find anything. It’s good for addresses, main locations, but try searching for insurance in Kuwait. I only got one I think! It helped however in our trip to Ahmedi hospital. Saved lives :)

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