The Force Is Strong With This NERD!

I think we should have large scale game of this style. That would be the only fighting game I’m really interested in!

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  • mario

    LOL! That’s one funny game.

  • Hashimoto

    i’ve seen the supernews eps about them

    loool best game ever !

  • Addictioneer

    Nice nerdy game.
    I am a linux user but where is our tux. it is not included in the fight

  • maryam

    LOL, I lost. Bill Gates was ctrl+alt+delete - ed :P

  • Bashar

    mario: Indeed. Even kid who doesn’t know good and evil loves it :)

    Hashimoto: Yeah, the episode was hilarious as well. We need more of this. As a matter of fact I developed a script. I just want same quality production!

    Addictioneer: Indeed. It’s why I said we need massive scale game, and my short movie idea includes your Linux ;)

    maryam: Hahaha… You played just once? I had my price and had to make sure I can kick both turn-off buttons.

  • N

    That was funny, LOL

  • Bashar

    N: Hilarious if you ask me :)