Question everything, Einstein said

Payroll Data Paranoid  - Dilbert

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  • Ali

    Ha ha!
    BTW: I like the new site design.

  • Bashar

    Ali: Thanks :). Glad to hear it

  • maryam

    hahahaha, that made me laugh, you know I can contribute to the comic world as well with all that is happening at work :P

  • Bashar

    maryam: Actually, I am seriously thinking of starting some comics. Shame to miss all those inspirations that come at peak moment of desperation.

  • DrMahbob

    LoL ;) .. thanks for the laugh my friend ;)

  • Bashar

    DrMahbob: :)

  • mentabolism

    murphy’s law…if something can go wrong….

  • Anonymous

    when we need gasul

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