The Windows 7 Upgrade Marathon

Comparing it with the previous Windows Vista SP1 Upgrade, an official Microsoft Software Engineer (or so he was) has posted results about the Windows 7 Upgrade performances over machines with various hardware levels, and different data profiles in terms of stored data and installed apps.

Notice something? Windows 7 Upgrade results for what they call a Super User with 650Gb, and 40 applications running a mid end hardware could take up to 1220 minutes, that is more than 20 hours and approximately a whole freaking day! And nowadays, with terabytes hard disks, I don’t think bragging about a 650 Gb as a super user means anything, since lots of people have this amount of storage. True many maybe have it on an external media, but lots of users still have it on their main machine.

Leaving that apart, who doesn’t have 125 GB on his machine nowadays? My iPhone has 20 GB, and it’s only been with me for less than 2 months! They call a user with 125 GB a Heavy User, and if you are that user, and hold a high end hardware, then swipe that silly smile off your face, as you’re in for 3 hours upgrade time as well! Compared to the Snow Leopard of 1 hour or so, leaving aside all the issues inside ofcourse :). Clean installations it seems are quite fast, but hey, who want’s to reinstall all his apps and do all the config once more?

But the truth is, I really gotta take my hat off for those people who for once it seems did something quite courageous and honest, releasing performance benchmarks that could make sense in real life. So much better than this home-made browser comparison really.

[via arstechnica]

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  • 3baid

    I think the 650 GB of data is of software and things like email because that would have to be migrated/upgraded. As for large media files, they should not affect software upgrades. At least, I hope not!

  • aaa

    yeah i remember reading on engadget that it took 21 hours to upgrade. i think its ridiculous, but i think if i ever upgrade to windows 7 anytime soon it will be from a pc with very little data.

  • Bashar

    3baid: let’s hope ur right :). I’m still thinking it’s a prank somehow

    aaa: really? I’m trying to make sure it ain’t a prank!

  • Marzouq

    I’m have preordered it and I’m going to do a clean install, I’m not going to upgrade anything! I don’t mind Vista, it has done pretty well with me!

  • maryam

    Good thing is I get a free upgrade till Jan 2010 I think. My Vista is giving me a hard time, at work we still run xp I still don’t know my way around Vista it drives me nuts and yeah our servers are still on 2003.

    Marzouq, if you recently bought your Vista, you are entitled to free Windows 7 upgrade or is it downgrade :P

    With Microsoft always backup before installing updates / upgrading even if it’s major, it’s an IT rule, not that I follow it ;)

  • Bashar

    Marzouq: I think it’s wise if you can afford clean install. But Vista done well? You will fall in crazy love with Windows 7 then I tell you.

    maryam: That’s cool :). Vista sucks from all I see and hear (with few minor exceptions). Problem is, the upgrade from Vista which was disaster to 7 is really expensive. 30 KD just for upgrade! Gimme a break!