It took him 3 years

It would seem my 3 years old kid was having the time of his life when I approved the FREE Jurassic 3D Rollercoaster iPhone app install and then naively handed the phone back to him without signing out. He didn’t waste anytime even trying the game, and by the time I found out, he had already made his collection.

Kid's Downloaded iPhone Apps

Glad I stopped him there or else this would’ve cost a fortune. Now I’m not sure if we can call this social hacking or something like that, but the kid took his extra miles and there is a weird feeling inside me that makes me happy and proud of it. After all, he made his first online purchase (with my money!).

Kids First Online Purchase

I gotta take extra care with my Amazon orders now.

PS: Yes, I have a bad hand writing. No, that’s not the worst it can get!

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  • MBH

    Awwh! Soon he’ll be hijacking emails and blackmailing people (probably you)!

    If I were you, I’d start teaching him Assembly (seriously). Give him complex commands and let him try to break them to simple ones.

  • Bashar

    MBH: LOL… He’s got until 7 to do so… otherwise he’ll be kicked out :P

    Assembly.. hmm.. not bad at all :)

  • Aziz

    This is astonishing. I’m not gonna do the same with my son though since I know he will punish me badly. I enjoyed that post cause it supports my theory about kids conquering the world.

    about your handwriting. it looks okay to me .. I know exactly how bad your handwriting can get!

  • Bashar

    Aziz: Yeah… kids will rule eventually. Thanks for the handwriting complement.

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