Bionic Eye iPhone Augmented Reality App

This Bionic Eye iPhone 3G S app is really useful for finding what you want, without having to look at your map if you wish.

Even inside a big mall like the Avenues this can be useful, let alone walking down the street between malls! And this app can be yours for $0.99! It currently has versions for the US, UK, France and Tokyo. Alas, I really wanna try it badly. I didn’t like the fact that I need to buy a separate one for every country. But hey, if you’re traveling (and roaming), what’s $1 really?.

[via intomobile]

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  • Haider

    This is GENIUS!

    I guess I have to move to the US, UK, France or Tokyo…

    Oh wait, I also have to buy an iPhone 3GS :P

  • Bashar

    Haider: Yeah damn straight! And you must learn how to use it!

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