Good Lord, He Did It Again!

It was late at night and kid won’t get off my shoulders. The iPark It iPhone game looked cool enough and worthy of the $0.99 price to get him off my back. I approved the purchased, logged out to avoid another kid online purchasing incident, and then later on sneaked into bed in the next room.

Shortly before dawn I woke up with a dream or dizzy thought of kid having done it for a second time, buying games online while I’m unaware. It was silly as I know I logged out, but being who I am, and to make sure my iPhone sleeps besides me, I made my way through the dark to the phone in the next room and took it back. I just unlocked it and boom!

Kid's Second Online Purchase

How does he do it? And I wish there were some decent apps among them! Well at least he finally got that fishing game he always wanted. And now I know why people use non-related animal pictures on their apps and books… targets totally different demographic! I’m sure glad he didn’t buy the diamond app though :P.

Things aren’t stopping here however. Few days ago he was shouting about some game he found to which I didn’t show much interest. Next time I opened the iPhone Safari I found this.

Kid's Amazon Purchase Attempt

Luckily I use the Amazon app for iPhone for that, and the Safari session isn’t tied to my account. Otherwise this could’ve slipped in a quick checkout purchase of mine. Good attempt though.

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  • MBH

    ROFL! I love this kid!

    The games were free or 0.99 as well? Maybe the logout button doesn’t really logout, or just not immediately?

    I forsee in the near future a broke Bashar, spanking a kid furiously.

  • Marzouq


    Seriously he is doing this at this young, imagine what he is going to do when he grows up! I really like this kid!

    I am looking at the future of Hackers, this is how it starts! We didn’t have any purchasing online in our days!

  • Haider

    Well… My kid picks his nose… Beat that, iPhone boy! :P

  • Bashar

    MBH: Heh… Sure you can ROFL. I paid for it and I can still LOL at it. Some are FREE, other are more than $0.99!

    Marzouq: Indeed. It’s the part of it that makes me swallow the bill. But I say twice is good for 1 week :(.

    Haider: You already said that! Ohh wait, that was the girl back then.

  • Haider

    Umm.. It could’ve been the boy.. But not much changed since then!

    Beat THAT, iPhone boy!

  • Bashar

    Haider: I can’t. Happy? You win!

  • Haider

    Very. :)

    Now I can get back to my work with a sense of accomplishment that can only come with bullying you..

    Aahh.. Life is good.

  • Bashar

    Make sure to quote that part in your eBook on Personal Growth Map OK?

  • Haider

    I’ll include it under: “Ideas for Recreational Activities..”

    Thanks for the inspiration! :P