MAMP Pages Won’t Run On Snow Leopard

MAMP, the Mac Apache MySQL & PHP bundled server, was running perfectly fine after I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Yesterday when I started it for some reason it didn’t ask for the password to run, the app seems to start but none of my web apps in the htdocs folder would work, as pages won’t open. Perhaps because of a recent Snow Leopard update.

I couldn’t find an exact similar problem on the web, but my MAMP was already an old version, 1.7.1. The solution was to upgrade to the latest 1.8.2 MAMP release. The problem ofcourse is how to migrate your web apps and database from the old MAMP installation to the new one. This forum post explains it pretty well, and in a nutshell it’s a matter of copying the old app & db folders to the new one:

1- Stop MAMP Servers and quit MAMP app.
2- Rename the MAMP folder under /Applications to MAMP_old (or abc if you like!).
3- Install the new MAMP app to your /Applications folder.
4- Copy the old /Applications/MAMP_old/htdocs and /Applications/MAMP_old/db folders to the new location under /Applications/MAMP.
5- Start the new MAMP app.
6- (Optional): From MAMP Preferences, go to Ports tab and click “Set to defaults Apache and MySQL ports” if you like it this way. I prefer it for localhost.

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