Movies in 3D, finally of high quality

After the positive feedback I got about it from a friend, I decided to give Cloudy With A Chance Of A Meatballs a try (what a silly name huh? They couldn’t just call it “Meatball Clouds”). My first impressions from the trailer wasn’t up high, but I thought it could be worth a few laughs for a computer-animated movies fan like me. What my friend told me about the IMAX 3D glasses experience however made me determined to go and try it, and I’m so glad I did!

For the first time in my life, this is a real good clear 3D view that I can enjoy. The 3D glasses there are so good, and you can see some high quality 3D picture. You do see the double picture however at the slightest of a head twist, so you gotta keep your head straight. Also, your eyes might get a bit tired, I took the glasses several times for a few seconds just to relax my eyes. But it’s a great experience I don’t think anyone should miss. Cinema had good crowd even though it was only in the early afternoon and in a working day.

The real catch is, there is always one, you have to set in family section, and go back furthest you can, avoiding side seats I guess is a better choice as well. Bachelor seats are so poor they should not be sold, or sold for half the price with a message saying “We cannot guarantee best picture from this seat”, or else just say it “We guarantee a hardly enjoyable experience from that seat”. There was one poor guy only in the bachelor section. I felt sorry for him.

The fascinating experience makes me regret failing to catch the Monsters Vs Aliens in 3D, even if it was only available outside Kuwait. And hey, I just got this two days ago from Disney.

Sad to miss such an opportunity. Now what movies would I love to see again in 3D? Hmmm…:

  1. Wall-E
  2. Incredibles
  3. Finding Nemo
  4. Monsters Inc.
  5. Should I just say PIXAR?
  6. Monsters Vs Aliens (received strong feedback for it’s 3D release)
  7. Coraline
  8. Dinosaurs

In terms of non-animated movies, I’d love to see Pirates of the Caribbean and Iron Man. Transformers? I’m sure it’s gonna be great, but their sequel kinda makes me lose the passion for it.

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