If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

That’s the motto to live by, at least when dealing with PS3, and I should’ve known from the last PS3 update. But hey, I’ve given Sony more faith than they ever deserved.

My plan to beat sleepless night with some gaming to finis Ghostbusters and get ready for Uncharted II turned out to be worse than I could’ve imagined. Since I’m having problems with so several games after the latest PS3 v3.01 update, I opted to install the latest Ghostbusters patch thinking it may be related to the problem and actually fix it. Well it didn’t. And not only did I waste 15 minutes waiting for it to download and install, but it actually somehow deleted my saved game progress! How on earth and what kind of a patch would delete your saved games?

Fact is, I could see a saved game file from the PS3 menu, and obviously from the date, here is my saved game mocking me. It’s just that the new patch doesn’t pick it up.

Ghostbusters Save

I tried deleting the game, re-installing it to the original version but that didn’t help either. Is there a way now? There is no way I’m gonna replay the whole game. And hey, we I still have the flickering thing.

Would a demo be a good test drive to tell if game will work or not before I buy it now?

UPDATE: Fix For Save Games

This really made me laugh out loud. If you turn your Display Settings by Custom to 480p you can find your saved games and resume the game. Set it back to anything higher and you lose it! So the smart guys tied the save of the game to the display settings?

With 480p, game still loads much slower than before, but game play seems tolerable. Now how about Uncharted 2! I gotta do more testing to know how ugly it’s gonna be.

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  • http://mbhtech.blogspot.com MBH

    You could take the hard disk out of the PS3, hook it to a Linux machine and mount the filesystem, then delete whatever is related to that stupid game, except the saved games obviously.

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    MBH: No need for all of this. I already got the game deleted and re-installed. For some reason it’s still not picking up the save game.

    Thanks for the tip though.

  • http://mbhtech.blogspot.com MBH

    Which is why you should mount it on Linux because it seems that the patches are installed in a directory separate from the game itself.

    If you check the game’s version, does it report that it’s patched (after you reinstalled)?

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    MBH: I see what you mean, but perhaps I wasn’t clear. The patch was removed and it asked me to download it again. I didn’t, so it’s original install and yet it won’t find it.

    I’m trying couple of tricks now.

  • Ali

    One word to Atari QA & beta testing: FAIL!

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    Ali: Second that. Funny however some other more advanced games like FIFA 10 and inFamous played very well!

    PS3 gives us back the good old memories, where for every 3 seconds you play, you a get a bonus 5 seconds of loading time.

  • MR.E

    You should try talking your console put a nuke in it and send to the nearest Sony headquarters yup now I think they will finally get the message

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    MR.E: LOL… Not a bad idea. Luckily formatting it helped solve the problem, so I will keep this as plan B :-)

  • Chris

    just turning the console off & on again worked for me.. I tried quitting the game and going back on it first but that didn’t work

  • http://blogallalong.com Bashar

    Chris: Really? It took me full reformat :)

  • Chris

    never mind.. it seems its just really buggy, its possible to get back to your career progress except all artifacts/etc are missing. Gonna try removing all the traces of it now and start from scratch, just to get the last couple of trophies I missed :P

  • Bashar

    U have guts :). I wouldn’t bother abt trophies if that happened.

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