PS3 V3.01 Slowness Fix

If you’ve updated your PS3 to the latest V3.01 and are facing some problems in performance, this simple fix might help. Note that I immediately updated to 3.01 passing 3.0. I suffered from slow game response for several games like Ghostbusters even at 480p, and Uncharted 2, while other won’t run at all like X-Men demo. FIFA 10 was running fine though. The main PS3 menu was also so slow in showing the icons. So see if this helps.

  1. Backup all your important data. For me, this was just the save games and I could manually transfer them to a USB stick. Note that PS & PS2 game saves may not backup automatically through the Backup utility, so if it’s just saved games for you, you may wanna do manual backup
  2. Make sure you followed Step 1 and have all valuable data backed up.
  3. From PS3 menu go to Settings -> System Settings -> Format Utility -> Format Hard Disk -> Full Format.

    NOTE: This may take few hours, and I haven’t tried Quick Format. So if you wanna try it first, please do so and let me know how it goes.

  4. Do the first time PS3 settings.

That should be it. For me, now the PS3 menu works quite fast, and I’m enjoying Uncharted 2 now.

Good luck!

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