Alex, the first Android e-Book Reader Is Coming

Spring have revealed what will be the first Google Android Mobile OS based e-Book Reader, called Alex, which features dual-screen with built-in 3G & WiFi, and a battery that lasts for days. The upper 6inch screen that uses the Electrnoic Paper Display (EPD) is similar to Kindle for e-book reading, while all the hyperlinked multimedia information and other 3rd party input will go on the lower 3inch color touchscreen LCD display, thus giving you colorful touchscreen web browsing experience, while still staying on the same e-book page. And you don’t need a US or AT&T network to do your browsing as well.

Not only that however, but authors can embed images and videos to go along with the text being read. This really comes over the Kindle problem having to flip pages back and forth to see the picture in discussion. I’ve had once to seek the image of the web and print it to make things easy. This one has videos on top of images as well. Readers will also get the chance to attach their images and notes to the material being read.

My only major take on it is the size, which is like %33 taller than the 6inch Kindle. A bit inconvenient for reading I presume. Otherwise, the look of it seems promising. We’ll have to see about the response time.

TrustedReviews also writes about Que, another upcoming e-Book reader that might turn some heads. The reader sets itself apart with the shatterproof plastic display, a definite plus given a friend’s Kindle screen crash incident, and adds to it the touchscreen and a built-in WiFi, and AT&T 3G Network (Why AT&T?).

This leaves Amazon Kindle with nothing but the book collections they have. Which brings up the question, What about book formats? Que will at least support PDF, Word, Powerpoint and Excel. Will it have other proprietary DRM formats? What about Spring? What will happen to people who bought Kindle books?

Seems to me inevitable we will go into years of eBook reader formats war that will only cost consumers and producers money until they settle on one format.

With Mac rumored eBook reader just waiting to be confirmed, and with these two new comers shaking the competition, I really don’t advise anyone to buy an eBook reader now. Yes I bought mine few months ago and I love it. It’s saving me a lot of money, and giving me enjoyable reading. But as things stand now, better wait.

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  • MBH

    Those stupid companies never learn that DRM causes nothing but frustration and inconvenience to customers…

    Device makers could strike a deal with Amazon to run Kindle books. I guess the prices would be a bit higher ($1?), but the customer would still be able to use his own device rather than being locked up (typical Apple mentality, too).

    I think someone cracked the Kindle DRM already, if not, it will be soon! :D

    What would be neat is if Alex would allow the lower screen to be folded inside the device itself. It would add a bit to the device’s thickness, but would make it easier to carry in hand bags, I guess.

  • Bashar

    MBH: Indeed. Problem is, since the largest book seller online have decided to bring it’s own eBook reader, this is another iTunes music dilemma now. I wouldn’t mind the extra $1, but truth be said, I am getting Kindle books for $1 instead of paper price of $20 sometimes!

    I hope DRMs don’t last. The fold idea is neat, but I guess we won’t be seeing that now :).