Cute Spammer

OK, so if you’re really bored, Gmail Spam folder has some real fun stuff in it, like this lad here greatly appreciating if I link back to his new ebay & craigslist killer sites. He just failed to mention the stock option I’ll be getting out of this.

Dear …

I would greatly appreciate your help launching my two new sites
by linking to them from your home page.
< spam site 1 >
< spam site 2 >

< spam site 1 > is a local & international site to buy, sell, trade, or auction most anything
and my goal is to be bigger & better than or

< spam site 1 > is a National Real Estate.

Have a Great Day!

B. cute spammer

P.S. I will be adding more features and options as these sites grow.

To be removed from future mailings… please send an email to:
[email protected]< spam site >

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