Aramex ranking among countries

I was talking to my friend last night about the recent new Kuwait Customs regulations and how this is going to affect Aramex more than anyone else. My guess was Kuwait must be the largest market for Aramex Shop&Ship at least, being computer and internet savvy society with a good average income. So here are the rankings around the world according to Alexa.

In percentage at least, judging at the numbers, this seems true. Now whether Kuwait is the absolute largest market (or at least has been so far), that’s something else.

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  • Mark

    interesting, i am ranked higher than aramex in Kuwait. Thats a surprise.

  • Bashar

    Mark: No I don’t think. Aramex is ofcourse a bigger brand, but think that only most active paying customers will visit Aramex to track their shipments where as you have a blog which is free, and you know the word, “Content is a king”. They say community sites are the future search engines.

  • Bashar

    DHL has the same service if you’re interested to check them out

    i subscribed with em but never used them yet

  • Bashar

    Bashar: Now there is name conflict :). I heard about DHL, which started out very bad, and they were most of the time held by customs as well.

    Now, seems all companies are being held by customs so it makes no difference.

    Thanks though for the tip.

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