Aramex Solution to Kuwait Customs

Good news. The following just got sent out by Aramex:

Hello Shop&Shippers!

We understand it’s been a rough week for all of you, but finally, Kuwait Customs’ policy has cleared up, and we’re happy to say that online shopping is about to become more fun than ever!

So here’s the bottom line: regardless of the goods value, all shipments are subject to customs clearance. We’ll clear all shipments in one bundle, and pay the charged customs duties accordingly. You read correctly; it’s on us!

In this case, you will only endure the following charges:

* 1 KD handling charges
* 5% of order value for Kuwait Customs duties (applicable only to orders valued above $100 USD)

However, self-clearance option is no longer available for our customers. You can contact us at [+ 965 1 820011] for further details.

Happy online shopping!

Your friends at Shop&Ship,

So you can add an extra 1 KD + 5% on most of your shipments, but Aramex will take care of the customs. One thing though not mentioned is the clearance time. Since they will clear items in bundle, will it be daily, or weekly? Nevertheless, it means at least slight more delay for items arriving in weekends, and that all your packages will come pre-opened!

I still think this is totally unfair and greedy from local business owners pushing for such tax on individual items, but at least now you can still shop online.

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  • Marzouq

    I agree 100% that it is greedy for sure, but at least we can still have our items!

    The clearance will probably happen every two days, and some items maybe stuck longer! Its been happening to me all summer, all my items keep getting caught and I can’t do anything about it!

    The 1KD charge and 5% amount has been there in the first place and it isn’t too bad but the wait is ridiculous sometimes!

  • Bashar

    Marzouq: Indeed. But the sad thing is, they made it so bad that we accept something this bad now as good.

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