Gmail new as you type transliteration

I’d be surprised if this is more than one or two days old as I don’t recall seeing it before. Today as I was typing the email I saw a new option beside the Bold font option.

> And it would seem this is an application of the Google Ta3reeb Arabic Transliteration, only it works on Gmail messages on the fly and as you type, if you select it. This is helpful for people who want to write an email in something other than English characters, like Arabic or Chinese, with an English only Keyboard. What you do is you go on typing your local words using English characters, and Gmail will translate it to your language. For instance, you type Arabic name like Ali, and it will convert it to “علي”, or kora (ball in Arabic) to “كرة”. Might come in handy, especially for Mac users here who always suffer and may end up paying over $100 to change to Arabic keyboard if they bought their laptop from outside. I personally still use my memory while typing Arabic on the English keyboard :).

I think I selected it by mistake and got pissed off I couldn’t write my email with all these enforced transliteration. But no, Gmail was innocent. My bad. Try it out and see if you like it. You can select more than just Arabic, they have a dozen options. And if you don’t like the transliteration, you can backspace once and it will give you other suggestions to choose from.

Have you seen this feature before? Google Help marks it as last updated 12/10/2009, but that doesn’t mean it was pushed for public necessarily.

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  • lendmeurear

    That option may become handy sometime.

  • bloggylife

    I didn’t have that option at the time of this post, it just appeared on my Gmail!

  • Bashar

    lendmeurear: Damn I’m that late in replying to you! I missed the comment :). I thought first not, but then I realized I end up with no-Arabic keyboard and this might help.

    bloggylife: You were in UK, now in Kuwait. Think about it :)