Kindle Battery Problems?

You know how sometimes you have trouble sleeping? Then you decide it’s dawn already, so you might as well get up and do something useful? You feel like doing early morning reading when house is so quite. You are well into the book, about to wrap it up, and your emotions are starting to flow as you unravel the ending, and as you flip the page, you get a warning battery low message, connect your Kindle to power source!

This is the third time I notice this strange behavior with my 6″ Kindle (2nd Generation). Twice before, I would leave it off for weeks, almost full of charge, and next time I want to read I see the battery already went dead. I tried to mistake my self for it, but today I started reading with battery close to 75%. I was reading for two hours, and when the battery was easily above 25%, all of a sudden I got the battery critical message, preparing to go off. So much for the whole week usage with 1 charge, mind you I always have my wireless connection off! Ironically also, I have just recently updated to Version 2.3 of Kindle, which is supposed to bring in much longer battery life.

One fact is, I have recently added a bunch of books to the Kindle, so one might argue it’s been indexing them. But that explains only part of the drain. What about the previous two failures? And even today, I doubt the Kindle’s been indexing books for 2 hours. At least it shouldn’t be.

So I have two questions:

1- Is the battery supposed to drain while power is off?

2- Anyone else getting the same problem?

For the record, I always recharge through the laptop USB.

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  • MBH

    Why are you assuming that the device was off? Just because you pressed the power button, it doesn’t mean it went off — it could be hibernating/on stand by.

    My laptop has 4 USB ports: 2x USB 2.0 & 2x USB 1.1 — I found out by accident when I was probing my hardware for extra details. Why am I mentioning this? Try charging your Kindle through USB 2.0 ports as it pushes more current through the ports. Or use a designated device charger and see if it makes a difference.

  • Bashar

    I can say I had it standby once, well ok twice. But third time I was reading and it had more than 25%. I didn’t specify but yes I am using USB 2 to recharge. I fully recharged it now so let’s see

    btw, if kindle is stNsby it should show some random picture which I don’t recall was the case. I’ll wait n see now

  • Pete

    I have a Kindle 2, which is a replacement for the original, which I dropped and broke several months ago. Usually I keep the wireless off unless I am using it, and the charge lasts for many days of reading and standby. However, a couple of times recently I have turned it on and received the “battery critical” message when I know the battery had not been low when I last used it. I always try to keep it no less than half-charged. I am not sure about the first occasion, but I know that on the second occasion, I had charged it through the USB cable, and it was since the upgrade to version 2.3. Unlike some other people, I have had no trouble restarting the Kindle after recharging it, however.

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  • Bashar

    Pete: Thanks. That tells me I’m not the only one. I’ve had a similar incident once more, and this time I got it on camera.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand the battery drain at all on my Kindle. It’s become very frustrating to me. I power it up, all is well, I turn it off and the next time I turn it on, there is no power. My battery drains even when it is turned off. I think for a $500 dollar item it’s pretty much a bummer. I do not know how to fix this.

  • Bashar

    Anonymous: It’s that bad? Mine does it, but not as frequently at all. Can’t you send it back ?

  • Tony Grauer

    I’m charging my Kindle using the USB port on my computer. I’ve got a message on the Kindle screen which says I can continue reading while doing this by ejecting the Kindle from my computer. How do I do that?

  • Bashar

    Tony Grauer: Simply go to the Windows Explorer (file manager), right click the Kindle icon while it’s connected, and click Eject. see snapshot

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  • mij

    Sometimes the kindle covers with the magnetic closure can drain your battery. It happened to a friend of mine.

  • Bashar

    mij: Thanks for the tip. I got the new Kindle now, battery definitely better, but I still see the same problem when battery approaches low levels.

  • MBH

    Buy a paper book :D

  • Ernest Moyer

    A friend bought me Kindle 3.

    WiFi on or off, the battery drains to 0 in three days, with no activity. I recharged directly from power line and from USB port. Doesn’t matter.

    Do I send it back to Amazon?

    • Bashar

      I would say YES do so

  • car

    I have a green light on my Kindle and it’s plugged into the wall and I’ve reset twice and keep getting low battery warning. I’ve only had about six months. Could I need a new battery already?

  • Bobby

    hi is my battery dead, my usb port doesnt recognize it and my screen is just white?

  • Kari

    I LOVE my kindle! Suddenly, however it won’t let me connect to wireless and the battery has been draining really quickly. I always keep wireless off unless I’m buying a book and never use the internet on it, why would the only electronic device I actually like suddenly spot being so great? Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

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