Teambox Online Project Management Now Available

Teambox Logo

Teambox is a newly opened to public open source online project management tool built using Ruby on Rails. The service is available for free, and unlike others, with an unlimited number of projects for you to use and collaborate with others.

Features of the tool now are limited to messaging, tasks, and pages, but it’s quite fast and convenient to use, I’d have to say faster than Basecamp.

You can get a branded version for a fee however, or hire them to do custom installation on your servers.

Here is a quick brief video of the service.

and you can learn more about it here.

If you want to get your hands dirty with the code, this is where to get it.

I like how quick it is so far, and the fact that it is free allows me to save few bucks per month. But I end up relying on simpler stuff like Google Tasks for quick todo items, Basecamp (or similar) for tasks that will stick there for sometime. I’m mostly working alone right now so Google Tasks lack of sharing isn’t bothering really.

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