Where is the quick calculator in Windows 7?

I kinda thought this can be taken for granted by now.

But apparently not for Windows 7.

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  • http://3baidsblog.wordpress.com 3baid

    Wait for Windows 8 or 9 :P

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    3baid: 7 was so successful, like XP. So judging on historical figures, I’d say 9 or maybe 10 will get it right :D

    PS: Just installed your lovely recommended Trendnet. You should go claim affiliate commission.

  • http://bloggylife.com bloggylife

    LOL, just start by typing calc in the search box and go from there! You are asking too much :P

    mac/google mentality people should lower their expectations when and if they deal with windows :D

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    bloggylife: That’s an app in my face to do 1+1. Yes I’m that type of person :P. I’ll try to post alternatives