Kuwait Cinescape Patenting New Technology?

Kuwait Cinema Company, Cinescape (a.k.a KNCC), seems to be filing a patent for a new technology, that will revolutionize the world of censorship as we know it. Cinescape says the new technology cuts down the editing time of the movie, and allows for dynamic re-censoring on the fly without having to go back to the execution chamber.

Without going too deep into the technical details of this technology, the method works in a way where a movie is screened it seems just once before the real show, and points of desired censorship are marked down. That’s all they need to deliver the movie to the fans. During the show, and when the specified not-yet-censored scene approaches, the magic starts to happen. A guy standing near the projector places what seems to be a piece of cardboard (Cinescape officials refused to confirm what it is exactly) to block the offensive scene from showing, and then removing the so-called cardboard when the scene is gone.

The new dynamic-censorship technology has already been put to practice in-mix with the old fashioned way of pre-editing, in the 3D IMAX screens of the blockbuster movie Avatar. The new technology might have been developed to overcome the technical difficulties Cinescape spoke of a week earlier, that caused the delay of  the 3D IMAX version of Avatar.

Nevertheless Cinescape officials say this new technology delivers more than just a solution to a one-time problem. As on top of providing quick and dynamic censorship, it also allows the audio to go by, thus giving the viewers an idea about what’s happening, and keeping them in the action mood, as well as keeping the movie’s official showtime duration close, or same as the original movie, thus giving customers more minute value for their money.

Cinescape added then that the new technology have been well received by viewers with laughters, calling the competitors claims of deciphering laughter oddly as mocking total non-sense.

Neighbor countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran have already shown great interested in licensing this new dynamic censorship, but Cinescape says they’re still early in the process, and want to improve the technology even further, before licensing it to the outside world. Couple of challenges Cinescape noted are being tackled right now.  One is the redundancy of MCG (Manual Censorship Guy) who will be responsible for all the censorship, as in the case of emergency like restroom visits, Cinescape needs to ensure another MCG is in his place to do the job.

“This is too serious of a thing to play with. While viewers are enjoying the movie, we are working very hard behind the scenes to make sure this country stays intact. Single uncensored scene might bring more chaos to the parliament, and might even dissolve it once more.”

Another challenge is the audio censoring during for example sexual scenes, but Cinescape are hopeful they will soon relocate the primary wire feeding the audio, and be also able to kill it during such scenes. And as the technology gets better, I guess we can all hope to see full length dynamically censored movies by the holiday season of 2010. Here is one to Cinescape’s new year resolution.

UPDATE: Here is a call from MBH to officially boycott Kuwait cinema.

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  • http://mbhtech.blogspot.com MBH

    Allah yeg6a3 ibleesik! I was reading your post thinking it was all true till reaching the cardboard part I started laughing hysterically!

    Excellent post! Too bad the offending party wasn’t worthy of the time spent in mocking it :p

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    MBH: LOL! Sorry it had to be that way :P. The joy of writing it justifies the time. :>

  • Ali

    God have mercy on our poor souls.. I’m glad we have all those dedicated men and women behind the screen shielding us from the evils of Hollywood and animated movies..! *sigh*

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    Ali: Amen! You should still hear the laughs at the theatre

  • Hohi

    Better solution, why bring the movie in the first place if you are going to
    mess with it. I hope they get a noble for thier creativity!

  • http://mbhtech.blogspot.com MBH

    Hohi, because people will still come to the movie and the company will make loads of cash.

  • http://mbhtech.blogspot.com MBH

    By the way Bashar, I’ve written a post right after yours, and pointing to yours, asking people to make a statement with their money.

    If enough people objected to the crap the cinema is, by not going to it, they’ll be forced to change their methods.


  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    Hohi: It is as MBH said I’m afraid. They are exclusive and the lack of places to go makes their day.

    MBH: I’ll link back to it.

  • http://bloggylife.com bloggylife

    ROFL LOOOOOOL ambeeeeh qilt yallah shino the freaking thing they are patenting. yanee i7sas ena something funny I was hoping I was wrong :P soooo sad :P

  • http://cute-nemo.blogspot.com nemo


    Funniest post ever!

    they should read this :p

  • http://mbhtech.blogspot.com MBH

    Hmmm, how about you send the link to this article to ArabTimes? >:D

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  • http://www.akabane-90.blogspot.com Hashimoto


    اعتقد جربوا هالنظام اليديد بفلم
    Pelham 123

    يقصون مقطع شطوله على بون سب
    ولما يكملون
    توها تطلع السبة
    يعني الي كانوا يقصونه كلام عادي

    5osh maw’9oo3

  • http://cute-nemo.blogspot.com nemo

    this post should win the most hilarious post of the year :p

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  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    bloggylife: Yeah I had lots of fun today with this post

    nemo: I sure hope they do :), and thanks for the nomination. I’m sure I won’t get something better my self :P. Alas, most people have already rushed in making their 2009 list, and I don’t think I will be eligible for 2010 :P

    MBH: Good idea. My goal is for the word to reach international.

    Hashimoto: LOL! Never seen it before

  • http://don-veto.blogspot.com Don Veto

    Hilarious, they even censor kisses from cartoon characters.

  • http://mbhtech.blogspot.com MBH

    To discourage the spreading of Swine Flu, of course! ;p

  • http://blogallalong.com Bashar

    Don Veto: I wish it was only kisses. It’s much more than that. Just talks, and one a bite of the butt of another animal!

    Even worse. Does anybody notice the transition from one scene to the other isn’t smooth? It’s like they brought two separate clips and glued them together, making it feel like it’s censored, when it’s not.

    MBH: Ofcourse :)

  • http://www.zdistrict.com Marzouq

    Its ridiculous! I would prefer to boycott then go through this! That means we are at the whim of the idiot behind the camera!

  • http://mbhtech.blogspot.com MBH

    Marzouq: “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    Marzouq: Yes indeed. But if you don’t see it here in 3D, you must see it outside.

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  • http://bloggermathai.wordpress.com Mathai

    ROFL! You’ve described this technology perfectly! :D

  • Bashar

    Mathai: cineacape inspired me to it though, I gotta give them credit :p

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