Use Sprixi to find free images

It’s always frustrating for me when trying to find an image to use, and I have to keep searching forever to find a license-free photo. I usually go to Wikipedia and see what they have, and I know of some search engines specific for that purpose, but none seems to compare with Sprixi. What Sprixi does is it searches Flickr and for publicly available pictures, and there is quite great amount of quantity in there.

New searches will initially return unsorted results. Based on your usage and mine, Sprixi will learn and enhance it’s sorting. But the really good thing about it is how it clarifies the usage right of each image for you, and tells you the terms of use, which usually involves giving back some credit. So often do I find photo and keep investigating what rights does it hold. Not here.

The fun part is where the name comes from, which they say is a combination of “picture” and “wiki”. Where the S & X came from remains a mystery even to them I guess :), but I like it as  they do.

“The inspiration for the name “Sprixi” came from the words “picture” and “wiki”. We can’t remember how it evolved from there but it had a lot to do with what domain names were available! We think Sprixi sounds fun and a little magical :)”

[via: ResearchBuzz]

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  • S0lo

    Thanks, this is gonna be very useful. I usually use but this sounds even better in terms of licenses.

  • Bashar

    SOlo: Yep it is :)

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