It was Ramadan!

I was reading this ResearchBuzz article about searching for duration since Star Trek - Trouble with Tribbles episode was released, reportedly on 29th December, 1967. And not that I ever watched Star Trek or know anything about the episode, I just tried what she did and searched the date 29 December 1967 on Wolfram Alpha when I noticed this Islamic Hijri Date, 27 Ramadam, 1387, which is the equivalent Hijri date of the episode release.

Now that I think is pretty useful, you can use it to easily convert any date to the Islamic date (or any other popular kind). What’s even better is, Wolfram Alpha seems to try and give you the date most relevant to you based on your location. Try that from Kuwait, or any Arab country, and you’re likely to get the Islamic date. Try it from UK address, and you will see Islamic date doesn’t show up.

Try and see your birth-date in Islamic calendar :).

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  • Ali

    27th of Ramadan? Isn’t it the date some believe to coincide with “Lailat Al-Qdir”? hmm…

  • Bashar

    Ali: Yeah it is. You have a theory?

  • Ali

    Let’s see.. One would say its conspiracy to draw the Muslims attention from worship by releasing an episode of a popular series on the same night they are supposed to focus on prayers but then again I’m don’t think that way.. if i did I’d become an MP..

  • Bashar

    Ali: LOL. But you have the imagination of an MP ;)

  • Kuwait Business

    Nice calculation :)

  • lendmeurear

    that’s cool

  • Emily

    Ali: LOL. But you have the imagination of an MP ;)

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