Que e-Reader unveiled, pricey and more…

The official unveiling of the much anticipated Que e-Reader finally happened at CES 2010, and boy am I disappointed with how it ended. I was expecting this to be a fearsome competitor to the kindle and be a major player in the eBook readers market, but now I’d be surprised if I see someone carrying it.

Not that it doesn’t push the boundaries of eBook readers in anyway, being fully touch-screen, with only a home button on the top right. It also has WiFi, and even 3G in the higher-end model. So where does the Que e-Reader actually go wrong then?

If you watched the video, you’d see my point. Plastic Logic seems to have become thrilled with the extra capabilities of their device that they totally missed the whole point of the device, eBook Reading. They go on and on to explain all the features that allows you to check your calendar, read your email and more. But that’s not hardly what I want my eBook Reader for is it? I can check my calendar and email, and interact with them much faster from my mobile, and with colors as well. Digital newspapers might also be a good thing, but it’s not a reason to get an extra 11.6 inch device for, when my smartphone can quickly get me the same pieces of news.

The focus on eBook reading seems to have been overlooked here, and the enforced landscape hold of the one pound device for reading doesn’t look so convenient either, compared to the Kindle’s half-weight. Coming with it’s own Que eBook store, they don’t seem to be holding a large collection compared to Amazon as well, but I couldn’t find much details on that.

If you’re still considering it, then maybe the price tag will do it for you. The 4GB model with WiFi connection sells at $649, and if you fancy the 3G option, then it’s $799. How does that compare to the Kindle’s $259-$489 price range I fail to see. Some are arguing it’s a device targeted for business owners, but if they’re aiming at excel reading, calendars and emails on a large screen, then I’d say wait for the Apple’s tablet iSlate. I bet it can do a lot more than that faster, and with colors. Ink technology is suitable for eBook Reading, but hardly anything more fancy.

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  • http://cute-nemo.blogspot.com nemo

    i want colored ink ;(

  • http://personalgrowthmap.com Haider

    Glad I didn’t wait for it and bought the Kindle! :D

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    nemo: There seems to be Flepia e-Ink technology from Fujitsu and it’s colored, but cost three times as much. This seems couple of years ahead, although it’s weird I read E-Ink showed color ink back in late 2005, and was acquired last June by PVI, hoping this extra cash can speed up color ink so that Kindle can have something by end of 2010.

    I suggest you subscribe to Google News Alert then to follow up :).

    Haider: Indeed me 2. It means more value for my money in the mean time :>

  • http://bloggylife.com bloggylife

    I didn’t have to watch the video :P I just read your review and not interested anymore :P

    Kila min nemo and shay … thinking seriously of getting an e-reader by the end of the year yimkin, I’ll have to finish the pile of books I have now then I’ll go from there ;D

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    bloggylife: Well, by end of this year, there might be something new better. But now, it’s Kindle. I still have pile pf physical books. I bought a couple again on Kindle for low price. Others will have to wait :)

    You should be thankful to nemo and shay as I am. I never thought I’d get the Kindle before.

  • http://bloggylife.com bloggylife

    ROFL 3ala how you described “physical books” hehehehe

    well shay is thankful to nemo and I guess I’ll be thankful to both of them :P

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    bloggylife: they’re gonna develop egos… don’t spread it :)

  • http://www.rayboy.org Rayboy

    im still getting into this trend of ebook readers.. im still happy with my age ol books, printouts, where i can scribble , make notes.

    Guys, who own these readers, is there way i can underline, make notes etc on these things?

  • http://Dr-Mahbob.com/ DrMahbob

    you can also get free kindle for pc beta :

    pc and iphone and pc-mac (soon) and blackberry (soon)

    I tried the pc and I ordered books it is working except the feature to listen to the book is not available for pc version but you can view the book in colors .

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    Rayboy: I used to be like this until I realized the overwhelming cost of delivery. I’m glad I did, since after using it, I realize it’s more convenient than regular books. And I personally find it evil to scribble on books. And yes, eBook readers like Kindle support bookmarking, notes, and quoting text.

    DrMahbob: Yeah indeed. Never tried it yet though :). You should give Kindle a try really. PC is not eye-friendly

  • http://www.freethemelayouts.com wordpress themes

    its very convenient than regular books.. i truely agree with you bashar… Kindle is really a good choice..

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