Gmail Authentication Icon for Verified Senders

While this may seem a bit obvious for a moment, anyone who have dealt with PayPal or eBay might have noticed the great amount of scam emails that is sent. Such emails try to fake the identity of the sender, pretending to be PayPal for example. And while a spam filter as good as Gmail usually catches all those emails, suppose one slips through to the inbox, or you unaware assume the email in Spam folder was legitimate, click the link, get the PayPal login screen, and put in your credentials. What if it was just a site 100% identical to PayPal, and you failed to spot the domain url?

This little new Gmail Lab feature called Authentication icon for verified senders helps identify the matching identity of the sender for such popular sites, PayPal and eBay only for now, thus preventing an accidental uncalled for disaster. The Gmail Lab seems to have a couple of new features you might like as well. Give it a look.

As a side note, I wish Gmail Lab would have a sort by add date so that we can easily tell what’s new to look for.

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  • http://www.Rayey.Com MrMMM

    Nice feature, I enabled it after reading this post.

    It would be much more useful when it’s enabled for all banks ..

  • Bashar

    MrMMM: Yeah… that would be great… and will be with time I guess :)

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