Create your Audiobooks on iTunes

More than a year back, I developed the habit of being a regular audiobook listener, and I usually get a book or two monthly through Audible. The Teaching Company is another source I’m quickly falling in love with, though a bit pricey. In both however, it’s quite easy to download all the media files, and import them into the iTunes as Audiobooks. On other occasions, you might find your self importing the MP3 files from an Audio CD, or downloading them as separate files from the internet. If you try importing such files to the iTunes library, you’d be frustrated to see at first that they are imported as regular ungrouped Music.

For an audiobook you usually want all your audiobook files grouped, in order, and to have your media device remember your last location. This CNET article explains how to do just that in 8 simple steps. A separate article suggests converting your audio files to AAC as part of the process to save more space if you like. I didn’t bother.

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