Color e-book readers fall this year?

Could this happen so soon? Qualcomm is showing off a new colored e-reader that is based on what they call “Mirasol” technology, which they claim draws less power than the e-ink technology, but gives back colors instead, [update] and has no backlight[/update]. Not just colors, but not bad video quality as well.

If anything is gonna drive me away from the Kindle it would be that thing I bet. The new gadget is promised by the fall of this year. Will keep my eyes peeled, and so better you do.

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  • nemo

    hopefully by next year we’ll have a colored ebook reader

  • Bashar

    nemo: I forgot to mention… no backlight

  • harris

    this would be the fantastic achievement.
    and it really is.
    —-microsoft exam guides

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