Is Sony Vegas Movie Studio Windows 7 Supported Or Not?

Few years ago, I got this HD Sony Camcorder to enjoy HD video quality family videos, and it has served me quite well, despite it’s few short comings. Sony, which have developed the technology with Panasonic, use the AVCHD high definition recording format to record their HD videos, making it compatible with Blu-ray Disc format. But here comes the problem. Dealing with these large HD files turns out to be not easy at all.

For first, sharing these videos files with others is not easy because of size, and the difficulty to find a suitable player for it. Converting it to regular formats would always compromise the quality. Second, editing these HD videos, on top of being intensive on resources, is not easy to accomplish at low cost as well, for there is a huge lack in good reliable free or cheap AVCHD editing software out there. But having made the huge investment already in the camcorder, I swallowed the extra bullet and bought what seems the best AVCHD editing tool out there that is affordable, which happens to be Sony Vegas Movie Studio. Mac Final Cut handles AVCHD files, but only directly from the camcorder while they’re in their original file structure. Pretty silly if you ask me.

Sony Vegas Studio could make better conversion than the freely provided tool with the camcorder. Something to wonder about really, given that it’s from the same company selling the camera. Looking the other way however, I managed to enjoy a slow-life video editing on my old XP machine, until it could handle no more all the pressure. Now I have a new Quad-core Windows 7 machine, a beast hungry for giant task to do. But what I realized when I started editing 5 Gigs of videos is that Vegas Studio kept crashing on me on and on. I split the videos into halves, and then into 3 parts, to no avail. And here I wasn’t even dealing with HD videos, but normal SD ones from the same camcorder. It would get to the point where it crashes once I open the project, giving messages like:

Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0x0 IP:0x0In Module ‘VegasMovieStudioPE90.exe’ at Address 0x0 + 0x0Thread: ProgMan ID=0xDF4 Stack=0x5DBF000-0x5DC0000

I Googled and found this is a pretty common error, to which Sony tries to claim has nothing to do. Some say it doesn’t support multi-core hardware, others say it’s Windows 7.  But if you go to Vegas Movie Studio System Requirements, you see that it supports Windows 7.

And frankly, multi-core is old stuff now, and for such video editing, you would assume they will support it. But hey, let’s ask them just to make sure. I filled up the long form, answered all questions, and once I submit, this is what I got.

Really? It’s “not supported on any Windows 7 operating systems”? That’s weird, cause I could swear your page still reads Windows 7 supported!  So now I’m like out of luck?

Ohh well, guess I’m gonna have to upgrade my self to Vegas Pro 9… for FREE ;).

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