Seriously Twitter? You Wanna Share My Phone Number?

No really? You wanna share my email address and phone number so that my friends can find me? And you’re setting it to default? Here are two simple words for you Twitter SPAMMERS & PRIVACY.

For the first time Twitter has really failed me. It seems the Google Buzz is doing it’s things already on them.

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  • Ali

    I think spammers are drooling right now..

  • MBH

    In case you didn’t know, Facebook has stopped displaying emails as images and reverted to text a couple of weeks back.

    So Twitter is learning from the great privacy violator: Failbook.

    Social networking? FAIL

  • Bashar

    Ali: Yeah, it’s Happy Eid for them.

    MBH: Guess we should honor the code and spam our selves then huh?

  • MBH

    I’m guessing your twitter profile is public. My Facebook profile is private, so I’m a bit safe from the spamming.

  • Bashar

    MBH: You’d be surprised it’s private

  • Pisces Chick

    They’re just trying to get to know you better :P

  • Bashar

    Pisces Chick: Or more of getting people to know me better :P