Google Opt-Out Privacy Feature

To all those who question Google’s ethics, fear their privacy violation, and have DOUBT about “Do Not Do Evil” motto, Google proudly gives you this.

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village

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  • Rum

    Isn’t that just an indirect sign that google without the opt-out is NOT private?

  • Bashar

    Rum: It’s a humor funny way of looking at how our privacy could be violated :)

  • Marzouq

    Man I love The Onion, they come up with the most sarcastic things! In reality Google is every where, and you know that from the blunder which is Buzz, I’m honestly enjoying it.

    You have to safe guard certain details of your information and you have to pick and choose what you put online!

  • DrMahbob

    Man it is cool but I won’t try it ;)

  • Bashar

    Marzouq: Indeed. I see Google did EVIL in their launch, but nevertheless, the service is useful for me.

    DrMahbob: Why not? We’ll all follow you later on when we realize Google is the DEVIL :P

  • Kroms

    Oh hey look, it’s Monkey Island 2 SE!

  • Bashar

    Kroms: Spammer… No wonder it’s coming :)

    Hmm… can they stick to one Guybrush please?

    Thanks for the update. I read about some upcoming news. Guess next thing after all revamps are done (and MI 4 is condemned not MI game) is a full sequel

  • FOK

    Sorry,I don’t know why I can’t open the vedio…

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