Mouse wheel scroll background inactive windows with WizMouse

If you’ve ever used Mac or Linux, and if you’re a heavy user with dozens of open windows, you most likely have come to admire the simple cool feature that allows you to use your mouse scroll wheel to scroll the open windows in the back, without clicking and bringing them to the front. This is pretty useful when you’re reading a document or article, which relates to say your open code editor in the front.  For some reason however, even with Windows7, Microsoft still failed to realize and copy this simple feature.

Luckily, little Googling revealed the lightweight WizMouse tool which does simply and exactly just that. I’m usually very reluctant to installing softwares that interfere with the OS and run in the background, especially on Windows. But this one seems quite light, and is extremely handy, I don’t think any Windows user should live without it.

[via LifeHacker (through Google search ;)]

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