Careful Which “Life” Documentary to Buy

From the creators of Planet Earth, one of the most astonishing, and I would say best, documentaries ever made, and also the creators of Blue Planet, comes the new highly anticipated documentary, “Life”.

Item is already available for pre-order on Amazon, and ofcourse such quality only deserves the Bluray version. But BEWARE. I was surprised to see the item starred 1 only.

But if you look closely, you realize this is all because of the narrator. Oprah Winfrey? Seriously? There is no one else more qualified to narrate the most anticipated documentary of the year than her? The thing is good enough to stand by it self without celebrities polishing it, and what you want is the best in this field… Get the David Attenborough version.

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  • MBH

    David Attenborough ftw!

    Maybe not enough copies were sold and thought Oprah would help boost the sales?

    It would’ve been more helpful to have 2 audio tracks of both narrators on the same media.

  • MBH

    By the way, I suggest you watch this documentary on spiders:

  • Bashar

    MBH: exactly. Two is ok. But it seems like UK vs US version, Discovery is US n BBC is UK. film is only pre order n obviously people hate oprah. I think it’s politics

  • Bashar

    MBH: Ohh and thanks for the link.

  • MBH

    @ Hasan,

    I doubt you’ll see this, but I hope you do: Stop spamming blogs with the same phrase.

    Because of this technique that you use, I will NOT visit your site nor buy from it ever!

  • Bashar

    @MBH >> And neither will I consider blogging about or adding it to Q8Ba7th index. Thank u :D

  • MBH

    No problem & thank you for taking initiative as well.

    Searching for his phrase, I found 52 results! Absurd!

  • MacaholiQ8

    I just can’t imagine how bad Oprah’s narration is. Thank god I leeched the right version. David Attenborough rule.

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: Yeah, Oprah SPAM!

    It’s not released yet. You mean you pre-ordered it?

  • MacaholiQ8

    Leech > To$#@nt

    71 GB pure Blu-Ray rip running 1080p. It even looks more astounding with bravia motionflow set to high. ;P

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: No fair :`(

    I don’t have the motionflow option. We’re old school now :)

  • Kmplatprod

    Just watched an episode of “Life” last night at a friends house with 4 other people (all for the first time). One of the very first things everyone commented on is how crappy Oprah was at narrating- she actually ruins the show and i highly recommend turning the volume off!. Mrs. Winfrey has no inflection in her narration and you clearly hear how she is just reading a script- she sounds like an 8th grader and I found it actually humorous how this billionaire media mogul is embarrasses herself. Attenborough Rules!!!

  • Bashar

    Kmplatprod: Sorry you had to waste such great episode on such bad narrator. It’s that bad huh?

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