Google Chrome’s Built In Translation

Have you seen this in your Google Chrome? It’s a new feature recently added to Chrome that keeps asking you whether you want to translate non-English pages. It will allow you to easily and quickly translate any non-English text on your page. And yes, I say keeps as I think it’s annoying to have such a thing pushed on my browser without any notice. Most people would visit pages of their own language, while others might find this feature useful. Now for those others, you may want to promote it on Google Chrome default page, or one time notice. But to have it by default open in every non-English page, or English page with littl non-English text in it until I tell it not to do so is not the best way to promote it.

Apparently this Google Buzz incident is going to be a trend now. Do you know why? This is an excerpt from Google Chrome Webpage Translation page.

At this time, it’s not possible to totally disable the translation bar. To control the display of the translation bar for specific sites and languages, click Options at the end of the bar.

Google couldn’t figure a way to completely disable it? Didn’t have time? Or didn’t wanna?

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  • DrMahbob

    Yes I notice that too and it was very useful to translate for me some French and dutch forums that I was searching for some code I loved it because it helped me allot ;)

  • Bashar

    DrMahbob: So it’s not infringing for you :)

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  • Rizwan

    it is not working on my chrome. Initially it was working. Can you please tell me how to enable it?

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