Google Communicates with Saddam

Some of you might have already heard about this. The Google Native Client SDK is an effort by Google in bringing the Native Client to the web, helping developers put real rich web applications, without heavy server call backs.

Besides the promising future in this short video, you would see the automatic speech recognition in effect, failing first to distinguish C from See.

But that’s really alright, they are both pronounced the same, I’d be surprised if it got it right. Unless we keep in mind geeks developing it tend to prefer their common sense over the rest of the world. The second one blew me apart laughing.

Hope CIA doesn’t take this seriously. Otherwise they will show interest in links with Bin Ladin!

Anyways, here’s the video, still worth every minute of it.

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  • Bloggylife

    Good thing you took a print screen, they fixed it :P

  • Bashar

    Bloggylife: ohh :(. That takes all the fun out