Monkey Island II Tie

Remember those Monkey Island sneakers? You do? Wow.. your life must be so empty! But anyways, I got an email that seems from the same shoes designer and you can now wear ties that match your shoes while going to work.

Monkey Island 2 Tie

Monkey Island 2 tie   2

You can read her Spanish page if you like (or use Google Translate). And to bid for the Monkey Island tie (currently standing at 99 EUR!), you can do that here.

Don’t you wish now you wear formal?

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  • TaZmaNiA

    MONKEY ISLAND :)))))))))))))))) loveddd the gameeeee thank u for taking me back in time

  • Bashar

    TaZmaNiA: Always pleasure to meet MI fans :)

    You know the remade Monkey Island I in Special Ediiton. Also making Part II in special edition. There is also new episodic Monkey Island game.

    And here is official facebook page.

  • healthy energy drink

    Can’t wait for the special edition part 2!

  • Laptop Computer

    So, you may find that they’re just what you’ve been waiting for. The age of the laptop is here, don’t be left behind. Thank You. ;)