It’s happening… 3D Bluray Movies

That’s one movie I definitely wanna get.

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  • Hohi

    Ummm TV first I asked Sony they told me arriving in Kuwait next week no pricing tag though

  • TaZmaNiA

    I lovedd thisss cartoonnn alot :)

  • Bashar

    TaZmaNiA: YEAH, especially in 3D.

  • Pisces Chick

    I LOVE Bluray movies (^.^)

  • Bashar

    Pisces Chick: Wait till you see them in 3D :D. Almost all my movies are bluray, they come on top of higher resolution with more sturdy material, extra bonus usually, and sometimes cheaper than DVD

  • TaZmaNiA

    & I LOVED THIS AMAZING ANIM ;p it makes me hungry

  • TaZmaNiA

    lal7een me7tar cuz u got it & I want my copy :p

  • Haven

    When I was watching this movie I really had fun watching it not because I love to watch cartoons and animation but the way the storyline was made if that could really happen in reality then countries with large population of hungry people will benefit a lot.