Use Gmail Filters to auto-arrange your email tasks

So often do I come across an interesting article or video while browsing the web, especially using my mobile. I want to read the article, or I have something to do with that article, but I just don’t have the time (or iphone is too slow to keep up with the new OS 4) that I decide to email the link to my Gmail address for later reading.

And since I have like everybody else tons of emails, I start labeling emails as TODO and Worthy for things I need to do, or really want to read later on. So this requires that I go to my Gmail Inbox and label my sent email accordingly. But you can use Gmail filters effectively to skip this last step. Here is how:

1- From Gmail, go to Settings, Filters
2- Click Create a new filter
3- In the From field, insert your email address, so that only you can use that filter. After all, you don’t want outsiders to add things to your todo list do you? I know I’d like to do that to others, so for your sake, keep your email :).
4- In the Subject field, add a specific tag that is unlikely to appear in emails. For instance, I use Google similar syntax to filter as in is:todo. But keep in mind you need to escape the colon character “:” with backslach, so it will be “is\:todo”.

Gmail Filter Step 1

5- Click Next Step
6- Check the Apply the label: box and select your preferred label from the dropdown list, or create new one if you like.

Gmail Filter Step 2

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  • Tazmania

    thanks for sharing bashar

  • Bashar

    Tazmania: welcome :)

  • http://www.Rayey.Com MrMMM

    on android, I share any article/web page/tweet/video via an application called gtasks and it will sync and add it to google tasks ..

  • Bashar

    MrMMM: I have such an app (similar) on iPhone, but how will it share it? Or you mean add it for later? This needs you to open an app, move from browser and add the link? Or there is one step way to do it?

    I like the email method since it’s from the browser, email, just edit the subject and you’re done.

  • http://www.Rayey.Com MrMMM

    It’s one step, you don’t have to edit anything or open a new app.

    if you long press on a page URL and choose “share page” you’ll get this menu , you press gTaks and that’s it ..

  • Bashar

    OK, that’s cool :). Though I keep Google Tasks for tasks mostly. I add some games I wanna play, but prefer articles in email. It’s just how I’m organized right now, but thanks for sharing this. Especially since I’ve …

  • Marzouq

    The filter feature is such a useful feature, helps me sort out all my emails easily! And the best part is that all the filters show up on my Android phone so I just see that right away!

  • Bashar

    Marzouq: That’s the thing. on my iPhone, i either use web based Gmail, which ain’t bad but a tad slower since I need to wait for everything to load. Or use iPhone Mail which treats labels as folders, thus it REMOVES it from Inbox to another folder.

  • jonkanady

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  • fred beker

    Your post is well designed and best written about G mail! BY the way I will subscribe to feed and will comeback soon for sure.

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