Block Unwanted #ZwaratKhames Tweets & More with “Go Away Tweets”

If there is one good thing that can come of those endless Ramadan shows, it’s the motivation to build something to filter them out. It wasn’t really bothering me that much, but it was getting loud enough that it seems there is nothing but this #ZwaratKhames to talk about on twitter that I decided to finally jump on board Greasemonkey world. After all I am a monkey fan!

So I wrote a little script, call it Go Away Tweets, to remove tweets that include the word zwaratkhames (Yeah that’s right!), and you can easily edit it to your liking to include whatever you want. To use it, for Firefox users first make sure you have Greasemonkey add-on installed. next, get the Go Away Tweets script installed.

If all you want is to block zwaratkhames then your job is done. Vuvuzela filter is also added as a bonus. I’m trying to do some good deeds to the world here! If not, you need to do little editing to the script as follows.

1- Go to Tools -> Greasemonkey -> Manage User Scripts

2- Select the Go Away Tweets script and click Edit

3- There is a list of keywords in the form
keywords[0] = “your word here”
keywords[1] = “your word here”

Set your word where it says so. You can add more keywords by duplicating the line and incrementing the counter, e.g.

Google Chrome users are better using Blank Canvas Script Handler to enable easy editing of the script. Do so first, then download the Go Away Tweets, and edit it as explained above.

LIMITATIONS: Currently the script only runs at first time. If you fetch new tweets on the fly without refresh, your evil tweets will come back. SORRY :>

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  • MBH

    YES! Finally! But your script encourages wasting bandwidth by refreshing D:

    I’m afraid if it doesn’t work AJAX, it’s of no use to me. Keep up the good work nonetheless!

  • Nunu-San

    And you just found out?! Ramadan is about to end.
    You should’ve figured that out min day 1 :P

  • Bashar

    MBH: Yeah I know. I’ll need to dig into that later.

    Nunu-San: What do you mean I just found out.. I just wrote the script, nothing to find out :)

  • MBH

    It’s like the Vuvuzela thing: The filters came out too late, but they’re ready for when it’s required.

  • Haider

    This is a great way to hide spoilers during sensitive times. Some people don’t know that it’s a sin to ruin shows/movies for others, so it’s only reasonable that their offending tweets get ignored! :D

    Well done, code monkey!

  • Bashar

    MBH: LOL yeah

    Haider: You know I didn’t even think of that.

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