Wataniya says “Your email or no Wnet service!”

I’ve been living a couple of dark days after my upgrade of Qualitynet connection caused down time by MOC to switch me to their new port, taking more than two days and spanning the weekend. So I thought it would be a good time to get the Wifi router I wanted from one of the telecom companies, to use it with my Galaxy Tab, as well as mobile.

After considering all options I went with Wataniya Wifi Router this afternoon. The initial impression was big frustration as I could not get it to work with any of the devices, and even taking the sim into Galaxy Tab didn’t work. Worse is my regular mobile data line stopped working completely for some reason. Calling Wataniya keeps me waiting for long time, just like any other caring company, only now Wataniya tries to estimate the waiting time “Your estimated waiting time is 15 minutes. Please hold on until we attend to your call”!. And after the estimate turns wrong, you start getting “To leave a message press 1, to keep waiting press 0”. No seriously, you expect me to fall for that?

After catching an employee it turns out no one activated my line at the branch and that was the problem. But once it was activated, all my web requests were redirected to this dismaying Wataniya page.

The screen is forcing me to hand my email beside my mobile number, as if SMS spamming wasn’t irritating enough. I complained to the support guy about it and he was surprised it’s acting this way, and said if you want I can open a ticket for you and they will make it work for you within 24 hours. No thanks, enough torture for the past 48 hours. Not that I didn’t have games and movies to waste time on, but every little thing makes me open a browser, only to realize I’m not living in this century.

Seriously Wataniya, you spend millions on your ads to empower your brand. Such simple act of ignorance destroys it all in a second. It’s not worth it for you, and you don’t need it. You need better coverage, ohh and less than 15 minutes waiting time.

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  • http://www.bloggylife.com Bloggylife

    I’ve a special email account for such uses ;p
    I agree with the SMS spamming, I even called Zain complaining and they informed me that they can’t do anything about it. Though they were spamming me themselves although I’ve unsubscribed from the ads service that I was allegedly subscribed to!

  • http://blogallalong.com Bashar

    Bloggylife: Yeah me 2. Thing is, Zain have long shared our mobile numbers with 3rd parties and now they can’t stop it. Also, telecom companies define spam as something they did not send!

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